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The New Hanover-Pender County Medical Society is inviting qualified MDs and DOs to join our organization.  You are encouraged to apply for membership in the local group as the first step to associating with thousands of other physicians who care deeply about the integrity of medicine.  It is only as individuals joined together that physicians will continue to have a voice in determining the future course of health care. The procedure for attaining membership is as follows:

  1. The candidate completes a written application, including curriculum vitae, with all years from college through the present accounted for. Required signatures on the form must be those of three endorsing physicians who are New Hanover-Pender County Medical Society members.  (Practicing physicians without admitting privileges at a local hospital may be required to provide additional credentialing information.)
  1. The applicant is nominated, through his/her endorsers' signatures, at a General Meeting. * Attendance at this meeting is requested for purposes of introduction.
  1. The application is turned over to physicians on the Board of Censors who consider the prospect's qualifications and make a recommendation concerning membership to the Society.
  1. The nominee's application is voted upon by the Medical Society membership at the next meeting following the one during which the nomination was made, if possible. *

If you are interested in becoming a candidate for Medical Society membership, mail your original completed application (not faxed), including signatures and your curriculum vitae, to the address below.  (Please include interests, hobbies, special talents, e.g., writing, music, public speaking, sports, languages, photography, electronics, auto mechanics, organization, etc.), and a recent photo (may be a snapshot) to the address below.

Applicants who think that they may qualify for discounted dues due to age, disability or work status are encouraged to contact the Society office.

Once you pay, you can register to view members-only content, including a members directory and photo galleries.

You can pay on the NC Medical Society website. If you choose this method and would like to register to view member-only content, please contact us and we will set up an account for you.